Did You Know? Artificial Intelligence In Real Estate

Artificial Intelligence In Real Estate?  It’s Like You Read My Mind! 

Consider this situation… For the past few months you’ve been thinking about buying a new house.  Since you purchased the house you currently live in, you’ve gotten married, had two kids (one more is on the way –  congrats!), added a second vehicle, oh, and at least one boat.  You recently got a promotion and that 3-bedroom ranch that used to be perfect isn’t quite cutting it anymore.  You’re starting to feel the need to really stretch out. 

This morning when you picked up your phone, you remembered you had a real estate app from the Ryan Reynolds Team at Keller Williams Consultants Realty (shameless plug).  You open the app and it looks a little different but mostly the same, so you do a search for 4-bedroom homes and 50 homes come up in all types of ages, locations, and amounts of updates.  You start to narrow it down and click into a few of the homes.  Then you notice the “Home DNA” button that’s new on the app, so you click it.  You’re asked a series of questions and shown a series of pictures of homes with different types of kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, yards, etc.  You click a little heart button on the ones you like and then it’s time to get the kids to school, so you close the app and carry on with your day. 

The next morning, when you pick up your phone, there’s an alert about some new homes on the market that may match your criteria, so you take a look and this time you see some homes pretty similar to what you like.  You even favorite a few pictures of kitchens and baths in homes that catch your eye.  Again, time to take the kids to school, so you’re off with your day. 

Later that night, you sit down to re-watch Game of Thrones, enjoy a glass of wine, and surf around on your real estate app.  This time when you log in, you see mostly 4-bedroom homes that have the finishes you like, are in the location that you want, and even have that 3rd car garage.  There’s finally homes on the market that you like!  You can’t help but have this strange feeling – Kind of like when you’re shopping on Amazon and your “recently viewed” items include recommendations for other items you may be interested in purchasing, based on your preferences.  Maybe a little creepy, but in a good way.

The next morning you receive a text from my team and the KW app.  It basically says, based upon what you’ve clicked on, favorited, and searched for, there’s a 97% chance a new home that just hit the market is a match for you; when are you free to go see it?  You click the link, and sure enough, it’s everything that you ever wanted.  There’s also an info graphic indicating that this is a particularly hot home and if you’re interested you can click to be connected to my team.  So, you click it, see the house, and immediately buy it and live happily ever after. 

Sound far-fetched?  Well, it’s not far off.  What we are seeing in real estate is the emergence of artificial intelligence.  When you had that strange feeling that the app was learning about your preferences, you were right on.  The software was learning about you and creating a one-on-one curated experience for you that is different from everyone else in the world, based on just your preferences.  Our team will have the technology needed to provide our clients the same incredibly individualized services that companies like Amazon offer.

When will this be available you ask?   It’s coming soon!  Sometime next spring, the Ryan Reynolds Team KW app that you have on your phone will be updated automatically and overnight that technology will be in your hands. 

Don’t have our mobile app?  Here’s how you can get it:

You can either click this link:   Ryan Reynolds Team Mobile App   OR text:  KW1M9K7A5 to 87778

Welcome to the future.   Helping YOU is What We’re Here To Do!




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