Back-To-School Lunches

Packing lunches for back-to-schoolers is no easy task.  It takes time and planning.  Plus, every parent knows that just because you pack it, doesn’t guarantee your kids will actually eat it.

Here are 5 easy tips for how to pack a nutritious lunch that your kids will look forward to eating and you’ll feel good about giving them.

Tip #1 – Get your kids involved!

Give your kids healthy food options from each food group and let them make the final decision on what goes in their lunch.  Take them grocery shopping with you.  This will promote feelings of responsibility and empowerment on choosing healthy foods.

Tip #2 – Turn healthy foods into fun foods!
Use cookie cutters to make shapes out of bread, cheese or a melon baller for fruit.  Or, create a theme for the day and have all the foods in their lunch relate to the theme.

Tip #3 – Make your own snacks!
Packaged snacks tend to lack important nutrients and can be high in sugar, sodium and saturated fats.  Try no bake energy bites, ants on a log, or yogurt covered raisins.

Tip #4 – Incorporate all food groups!
A balanced diet includes all of the food groups:  fruits, vegetables, lean protein, low-fat dairy, and whole grains.

Tip #5 – Encourage hydration!
It’s recommended that school age children drink between 6-8 cups of water a day, and even more in hot weather.  If it’s hard to get your child to drink water, throw in a few pieces of frozen fruit to sweeten it up!!

Thanks to Margie Fleischer for providing us with some great tips to start the school year off on the right foot!  For more information, or to follow her on Facebook, see Margie’s contact information below.

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