Landscaping Tips & Tricks

A well-kept yard can say a lot about how a home is cared for, inside and out. 

Beautiful landscaping with crisp edging and colorful healthy plants gives a home a cozy appeal.  Some stats indicate that this can even increase a home’s value by 5.5% – 12.5%! 

No green thumb?  No problem.  Here are a few low-cost, low-maintenance plant tips to give your home more curb appeal year-round.  

Let’s start with trees.  Trees can serve different purposes based on their variety.  Some offer shade, some bear fruit, and others provide privacy.  Trees that grow large enough to shade or bear fruit can be beautiful, but also require a lot of maintenance, especially in the fall or their harvest season.  Many people like to use trees to create a nature barrier to neighbors and streets.  This can also be great to create a sound or visual barrier.  Below are a few of my favorite trees and bushes for privacy. Choose your trees based on how tall you need your barrier to be and how much color you prefer.  None of these require much work or attention after planting except for annual pruning/trimming.  

Arborvitae/ Pine Trees – There are different species of Arborvitae and Pine Trees.

Lilac Bushes – Mostly green, blooms once in the spring with beautiful purple flowers.  Can be up to 18’ tall.

Rose of Sharon – Can grow to be 12’-15’ tall and add pops of color.  Rose of Sharon will bloom early summer and last all summer long and comes in a few select colors. 

Knockout Rose Bushes – Knockout Rose Bushes are hardy plants that can survive with even the worst gardeners – trust me, I know.  Left unpruned with lots of water and rose plant food they can grow very tall, perhaps 6’-8’. 

A mix of these placed together can also create pops of color throughout the spring and summer! 

Another great way to give your landscaping an upgrade, without all the upkeep, is to plant perennials.  Perennials come back every year and require very little maintenance except for watering and occasional pruning.  Some of my favorite perennials are included below. 

Hostas – Broad leaves, come in a few color variations.  Hostas are fairly hardy and can live in both sunny and shady areas.  They tend to grow large and spread as they mature. 

Potentilla Fruticosa – Choose from yellow, pink, or a spring mix of colors. The potentilla blooms in the spring or early summer and will get approximately 18”-2’ tall and wide. 

Lillies – There are numerous varieties of lilies and some bloom continuously throughout the season while others bloom only once.  Each variety has a different look too.  Keep this in mind as you are choosing your favorites. Some of mine include – Asiatic Lilly, Day Lillies, Tiger Lilly, and Stargazer Lilly. 

Decorative Grasses – Decorative grasses are a nice addition to give height variation to any flowerbed.  Some grasses grow very tall and spread easily, while others will stay smaller and more controlled.  Give careful consideration to the type you want for your garden or space.  

Salvia – Salvia is generally green foliage with purple flowers, but some variations are available in white, blue, and red.  It is tall and again offers a little height and great coverage and color.

Phlox – Phlox is another favorite, as it can grow on anything!  With a few color options, phlox is a great choice to creep over a stone wall or a tall planter.  The flowers bloom only in the spring, but the green foliage will last all summer long. 

Once these are planted, they will return each year and keep your yard looking great for years with little to no work!  Plus, since they come back each year and spread on their own, you won’t have an annual expense to replenish.   

We would love to see your garden or hear about your favorite no-hassle landscaping strategies.  Share your garden and landscape pictures with us on our Facebook or Instagram pages!

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