From The Desk Of Ryan Reynolds – June 2019

School’s out and summer’s here!  This is my favorite time of year, both because of the hot weather and the hot real estate market. 

In the next 60 days, the volume of real estate transactions will peak for the year and more people will be moving than any other time of the year.  Does that mean that you’ve missed the market?  Absolutely not!  What it means is that the marketing techniques and negotiating strategies that worked well in the past few months may not be the best choices for the months to come.  My team and I study the market daily and we know which tools and strategies work to get you the most money if you’re selling or to help you negotiate the best price if you’re buying – no matter when you choose to do it.  If you’re even thinking about buying, selling or investing in real estate, GIVE US A CALL, we can help!

….Helping YOU is What We’re Here To Do!



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