Ideas For Low Cost Gardening

Add green to your landscape while keeping some in your wallet. Here are some ideas to help your garden and your budget thrive.

Grow Plants From Seed – Plant perennial flower seeds in flats outdoors once the weather warms up.  By fall, you will have full size plants for fall planting.

Lasting A Lifetime – Peonies are extremely enduring, sometimes lasting for more than a century. Other long timers include bearded iris, daylily, hellebore, and bee balm, to name a few.

Divide, Then Multiply – Some plants like daylilies, bearded iris, yellow and ornamental grasses need to be divided every few years to reinvigorate them and to reduce overcrowding. What you’ll gain for your efforts are new plants to expand your beds and to share with friends.

Non-Invasive Plants – Cleome, like hollyhocks, cosmos, forget-me-nots and shasta daisies, sow themselves but aren’t invasive. Snap a picture of each plant so that come spring you’ll be able to distinguish the leaves of a “keeper” from a weed.

Plant Perennials – Late-blooming perennials like helianthus are best divided in spring. Filling your beds with a variety of perennials that give successive seasons of blooms, blooming shrubs, and colorful conifers means you’ll be less apt to load up on trays of annuals to fill holes in the landscape.

Happy planting!

Source:  HGTV


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