Tornado Facts & Safety Tips

Although Ohio’s peak tornado season is April through July, tornadoes can and have occurred in every month of the year. 

The National Weather Service confirmed that Ohio had 18 tornadoes in 2018!  So, as severe weather season approaches, put together a safety plan with your family.  Planning ahead will lower the chance of injury or death if a tornado strikes.

What are the signs of a tornado?  They include:  a dark, often greenish sky; a rotating, funnel-shaped cloud; large hail; a load roar – similar to a freight train; or an approaching cloud of debris.  A tornado watch means a tornado is possible in your area.  Stay tuned to the radio or television for weather updates and remain alert.  A tornado warning means a tornado is happening or imminent and you should take shelter immediately.

The Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness encourages Ohioians to DUCK!

               D = Go DOWN to the lowest level

               U = Get UNDER something

               C = COVER your head

               K = KEEP in shelter until the storm has passed

Tornadoes are no joke!  Make sure your family and your home are safe this season.  Check with your insurance agent to be sure your homeowner’s insurance policy provides adequate coverage should severe weather strike.




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