Garage Sale Tips

Garage Sale season is here!  When it comes to getting the best deals and some great finds, you can always count on a great garage sale! 

But what makes you stop at a garage sale?  Do you do a drive by after reading the ad in the paper or seeing the signs, to make sure it is worth your stop?  How do you, as a seller, bring in the most customers?  The biggest answers are MARKETING and PRESENTATION!  Advertise your sale as much as you can.  Marketing will bring in the customers, but what will make them get out of the car and look around?  Presentation!

  1. Advertise in the newspaper! Post on social media, the neighborhood Facebook or Nextdoor group, and on Craigslist.
  2. Make signs – big, legible signs! Add balloons, so folks know how to get to your house.
  3. Make it appealing — hang up your clothes, put air in the tires/balls, clean off the dust…you get the idea!
  4. Have enough walking and grazing space. Make sure that there are clear paths for people to take without getting “stuck” in the corner of your garage waiting on others to move.
  5. Just like a retail store, place like items in the same area/section (clothes, décor, kitchen, etc.).
  6. Place items on tables – it will greatly increase your sales. Items are easier to see and inspect when they are up on a table.
  7. Clearly price your items – use large, colorful tags for bigger items.
  8. Bundle items, or at the end of the day, let customers fill up a bag for a flat rate. Be open to bargaining too.
  9. Have a “free box” – who doesn’t like to take home something for nothing?
  10. Have kids helping with your sale? Why not let them get in on the money-making lesson by selling homemade cookies, brownies, donuts, muffins, coffee, or lemonade? You’ll be shocked at how much money they make.

And finally, be safe.  Most shoppers are goodhearted people looking for a deal.  However, you are still letting strangers shop on your front lawn.  So just stay aware of what is happening during your sale.  For example, we suggest locking the doors to your house during the sale.  Don’t let anyone into your house to use the bathroom or get a drink of water.  Be on guard when it comes to all that cash, too.  Keep the smaller bills in a cash box or on your body with an apron or fanny pack.  If someone makes a purchase with a large bill, give it to a family member to take inside for safekeeping.

Happy selling!





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