From The Desk Of Ryan Reynolds – April 2019

Spring is finally starting to arrive with the last (Hopefully!) of the winter weather leaving us earlier this week.  

So far, real estate is off to a slower start than last year in terms of new inventory hitting the market.  Recently, the Federal Reserve stated it will target to hold rates steady for the remainder of the year and that indicates we are likely to see continued strong demand putting pressure on supply and increasing prices.  With all the good news for sellers, you might think that it’s easy to sell.  Well, that is sort of true.  Selling can be easy but selling for the highest price and getting to closing may be more difficult now than ever.  My team and I study the market daily and are fluent in the best negotiating tactics to help you sell for the most money and on your terms or to help you to win the bid for the home of your dreams.  If you are even thinking about buying, selling, or investing in real estate this year, give us a call, we can help…Helping YOU is What We’re Here To Do! 



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