Did You Know? Housewarming Traditions

Did You Know?

Housewarming parties started in medieval times when neighbors would literally bring firewood and light up the hearth for warmth and to chase off any bad spirits. 

Today, it is more customary to bring a gift.  Here are some modern ideas, with a hint of the medieval tradition.

Wine:  A gift of wine conveys wishes of joy and prosperity and that the homeowners will always be of good cheer

Candles:  Given with the hope that the home will always live in light and happiness

Wood:  Cutting boards or salad bowls symbolize a wish of stability for the home and the people who live there

Bread:  A loaf of bread represents the wish that the home would never know hunger or that the cupboards will always be full

Olive Oil:  Blessing the homeowners with health and well-being

Honey:  Conveys that you wish the homeowners the sweetness of life

Flowers:  To brighten their new space and to fill the home with sweet-smelling aromas


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