Home Projects For Each Month Of 2019

Homeowner Tip

Does your home need a facelift?  We’ve written a month-by-month guide to achieving a clean, renovated, and well-kept home.

January – Get Organized

It’s hard to really get going on any big home projects if your home isn’t in order.  Taking the time to organize each space in your home will give you the opportunity to purge, as well as give you the feeling of starting off the year with a clean slate.  Don’t forget those “catch-all” places like coat closets, bathroom cabinets, and that pesky junk drawer in the kitchen!

February – Let There Be Light

I don’t know about you, but dark winter months often tend to affect my mood.  Let the month of February be a time where you brighten up dark corners of the house with fun, bright light fixturesReplacing the light bulbs in your home with ones that are like daylight may help to boost your mood!  So, look for lamps and light bulbs that are labeled “daylight” and have a light temperature above 6000 Kelvin.  While you’re at it, replace any burned out or flickering bulbs throughout your home this month!

March – Update Your Hardware

Even the smallest updates to your home, can make a big difference.  Take a minute to go through your home and make note of any and all hardware that you want to update.  We’re talking kitchen cabinets, door knobs, light switches, bathroom cabinets – you name it! Doing it all at once can save money and trips to the store too!

April – Give Your Windows Some Attention

Windows often get neglected.  For April, take some of your monthly budget to update some of the window treatments in your home.  Get rid of those older white blinds with that pesky (and hazardous) cord and update them with some fresh and trendy shades.

May – Pave The Way

Before it gets too hot, get your yard ready for spring by laying a new paver pathway through your garden.  You can opt for a formal brick walkway or simply place a few granite stepping-stones into the grass. 

June – Patch & Paint

Grab some spackle and a bit of paint!  June is the perfect time to patch up those random nail holes and chipped paint on your walls.  Take the opportunity to open up your windows and let the June breeze bounce through your house while you work!

July – Install New Ceiling Fans

The sun really kicks into overdrive come July, but you don’t have to sweat it out!  Install some new and updated ceiling fans in your bedrooms and living areas this month!  You might even consider doing a special project like installing a fan on your back patio.  And if you do, don’t forget to invite the Ryan Reynolds Team over for a barbeque!

August – Paint Your Door

Your front door is often seen as a focal point when people pass by your home.  Brighten up the look of your house with a colorful front door.  Remember to use a primer first and choose a glossy paint that is preferred for doors and trim.  Keep in mind that it’s best to paint on a sunny and clear day – and there will be plenty of those come August!

September – Check The Mail

No need to go crazy on this one, but it might be a nice project to update your mail box.  If it’s got a ding on the side, or the flag is broken, now is the time to get that fixed.  Add a little landscaping around it and you’ve just given your mail box the facelift you didn’t even know it needed!

October – Clean Out The Garage

Before the weather turns cooler, open the garage door and purge, purge, purge!  Hang some shelves and allow for a bit of organization in this space.  You won’t regret it!

November – Fire-Up The Fireplace

Before the holidays, early November would be a great time to reinvent your fireplace.  Decide whether you want to totally renovate your fireplace or just give it a modern upgrade with some fresh paint.  Your guests will ooh and ahh over it come Thanksgiving. 

December – Seal Your Windows/Doors

This one speaks for itself but is a must do if your home feels a little drafty.  Giving preexisting seals a good clean can do wonders too!



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