How To Get You And Your Home Ready For Holiday Gatherings

Homeowner Tip

There’s nothing better than gathering with friends and family during the holiday season (unless you’re in Jamaica…because that might be better).

But, if you’re like the rest of us and will be having guests over at some point, we’ve gathered some beneficial tips to help prepare you and your home for holiday parties this year!

Safety First – The last thing you want on Thanksgiving is having to make a trip to the ER after your great aunt slips and falls on your icy steps leading to your home.  Be sure to shovel snow and ice as best you can to clear all walkways.  Remember that leaves and other debris can be slippery too.  Salt your sidewalk, driveway, and steps as necessary to melt away ice and to provide traction.

Cleaning Up – Obviously you’re going to want to clean up a bit before your guests arrive.  Start with the high traffic areas like your living or family rooms, the kitchen, and the bathrooms.  But keep in mind the other places that your guests will likely see.  For example, you may want to clean/organize your coat closet.  People will likely be wearing heavier jackets and will want to hang them somewhere.

Prepare for Messes – It’s inevitable:  little Billy spills his fruit juice all over your carpet.  Or your cousin decides to bring his dog to the party and it has an accident on your kitchen floor.  It’s not a party without some kind of mess, right?  So, have your go-to cleaning products ready ahead of time in one place to help make that mid-party cleaning go a little more smoothly.

Make a Family Task List – Mingling is a tough task.  Then you throw in making sure that the toilet paper remains stocked in the bathroom, the trash doesn’t over flow, and that the dishes in the sink don’t pile up.  To help avoid the stress of it all, try assigning each family member in your household a designated task beforehand.  One task will seem a lot more manageable than five!

Stock Up on Food Storage Items – Unless you want leftovers for weeks, it might be wise to purchase some extra Ziploc baggies or Tupperware prior to your party date.  This way you can easily pack and send those leftovers home with your guests!

Best of luck with your holiday gatherings!  And if you’re skipping it all and going to Jamaica this year to avoid all the craziness, smart move…just invite us along next time!




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