Did You Know? Keeping Your Home Safe This Halloween

Did You Know?

Halloween is right around the corner!  It’s a time where we welcome little ghosts and goblins to our door and gift them with free candy.  It’s also a time known for mischief.  

As much as we’d like for Halloween to be completely innocent, it’s important to recognize that not everyone feels that way.  We’ve collected some helpful tips to keep your home safe from vandalism this year.

Lighting – A well lit home is known to deter vandals.  Turn on your porch lights or set up some motion sensors to help light up your home this Halloween. 

Park In The Garage – For whatever reason, some people take Halloween as an excuse to prank and vandalize.  So, this year be sure to park your car in the garage to avoid it being egged or spray-painted.  On that note, probably best to put anything you don’t want stolen out of your yard and into your garage.

Lock Up – Make sure your windows and doors are all locked and secured.   Be sure to turn on any alarms you have in place.

Mail Slot – As fun as it is, Halloween occasionally brings out the worst in people.  Ding-dong-ditch can be an innocent little prank, but it’s not so cute when they shove a smoke bomb into your mail slot.  So, remember to tape it shut this year.

Be Present – Stick close to your home on Halloween night if at all possible.  Vandals love to target homes when it’s obvious that everyone is away.  So, bring the candy bowl and sit on the front porch.  Make your presence known!  If you can’t be home, remember to leave lights on while you’re gone.

Use Flameless Candles – Whether it’s on accident or it’s on purpose, jack-o-lanterns can easily be kicked over.  So, just in case, be sure to minimize the risk of fire by using flameless candles.



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