Moving With Plants

Homeowner Tip

While you can just pack up your dishes, home décor, and your kids’ toys during a move, you can’t just wrap up house plants with bubble wrap and shove them in a box.  Plants need a little more care. 

Now you may laugh to yourself and say, “They’re just plants! Why waste your time moving them?”  But for some, house plants can hold a special meaning.  Maybe you received a special fern at a loved one’s funeral.  Or your spouse picked out a rose bush for an anniversary.  Or maybe you’ve just invested so much time into their growth and survival that you wouldn’t dare leave your plants behind!  Who knows… Either way, we’ve collected a few tips to help make moving with plants a success!

Water plants two or three days before moving.  The soil should be moist, but not too wet. Most can go 7-10 days without water, but it’s important to make sure the roots stay damp during shipment.

Secure longer stemmed plants with a supporting piece of wood.  Place the wood piece into the soil next to your plants stem and tie the two closely together so that the tall foliage is supported.  This helps prevent any bending or breaking of the plant.  (A ruler or just a small stick should work fine!)

If possible, place multiple pots in an open cardboard box.  Wrap the pots themselves in newspaper, or place cardboard between each pot in order to protect them from bumping into each other during your move.

Pots can be pricey!  So, if you’ve got a fragile pot it may be wise for you to re-pot the plant into a plastic container with some fresh soil.  This way you can wrap your fancy expensive pot with bubble wrap or newspaper and box it up just like you would any other fragile item.

If moving your plants seems like too much of a hassle, consider donating your plants to a local charity or simply put your plants out on the curb for another plant-lover to take.  Just wave goodbye and say “HOSTA La Vista!”  Sorry for the plant pun, I’m unbeLEAFable.



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