From The Desk Of Ryan Reynolds – June 2018

School’s out for the summer and that means that the race is on for parents who have outgrown their home to find a new one and move before school starts. 

One question that we get a lot is how long does it take to sell and buy a house?  The answer is that it depends.  Frequently, we help our clients close on both the house that they are selling and the house that they are buying on the same day.   They are then able to move in one step rather than having to move twice and live in temporary housing, which speeds up the process considerably.  While this isn’t necessarily a piece of cake, my team and I have done this tens if not hundreds of times.  That experience helps us to know all the finer points and make the move as smooth as possible for our clients.  If you, or anyone that you know, are even thinking about buying, selling, or investing in real estate this year, call us, we can help! 

Helping YOU is what we’re here to do!


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