Homeowner Tip – Gas Grill Maintenance

Homeowner Tip

Barbecue season is right around the corner!

We’ve all been waiting patiently for the warm weather to arrive, and now that it’s here nothing is going to stop us from grilling out! So, don’t let poor gas grill maintenance keep you from having the barbecue event you’ve been longing for!

We’ve gathered together some must-know gas grill maintenance tips to help you keep your gas grill running all season long!

KEEP IT COVERED – Always protect your grill from the elements by keeping a cover on it whenever it’s not in use.  A good vinyl cover can not only protect your grill from rust and weathering but can keep away spiders too!  If possible, remove the propane tank, and pull your grill into your garage/shed during the colder months to prevent rust. Remember to leave the tank in shady area outside, away from the house, in an upright position.

CHECK FOR LEAKS – It’s important to inspect your grill at least once a month for any fuel line leaks. Leaks may be hard to detect, so experts say to cover the gas line with soapy water and see if it bubbles anywhere while the propane is turned on. A small leak will bubble, and you will be able to spot it right away.

GIVE IT A GOOD CLEANING – Scrub and clean grates regularly to avoid too much build-up. A little bit of grease can add some flavor to your food.  But leaving too much gunk for too long will only lead to a more difficult cleaning in your future.  It would be wise to give your entire grill a good deep clean before and after grilling season.

Keep your gas grill running smoothly all season long!  Oh, and one last tip:  don’t forget to invite us over for the cookout!


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