Removing Odors From Your Home

You’ve just moved in to your new home!  Congratulations are certainly in order. 

And while this experience is still very exciting, reality could be setting in and there may still be work for you to do.  Before you begin to move in your belongings and pop open that bottle of champagne, it’s important to combat any odors you may be experiencing, right away!

There are plenty of affordable and effective steps you can take to try and combat pesky odors in your new home before you go calling a professional.  Here are just a few tips for homebuyers and longtime home owners alike:

Get Some Fresh Air – There’s a reason why candle companies make a fortune from selling scents like “Springtime” and “Autumn Breeze.”  People love the smell of the great outdoors.  But for pesky odors, a simple candle or air freshener can sometimes just mask the problem.  Try opening all the windows in the house to allow for fresh air to circulate through.  A little breeze, even on a colder day, can help naturally remove odors from cigarette smoke or mildew from the home.  While you’re at it, replace the filters on any heating, cooling, or air purification technologies throughout the home!

Baking Soda – If pet stains or foul-smelling spills have seeped into the carpet, it’s more efficient to address them before you lug in all of your furniture and begin decorating.  After you’ve attempted to spot clean the obvious problem areas, try scattering baking soda over carpeted areas and let it sit before you vacuum.  The Baking Soda should help neutralize any odors.  If the odor continues to be an issue, it may be time to call a professional or rent a carpet cleaning machine.

Bothersome Kitchen Smells – If you’re experiencing strong odors in places like your kitchen sink or your dishwasher, try a few inexpensive cleaning tricks before you worry about calling a plumber or purchasing new appliances.  After searching for and cleaning up any food residue, try pouring hot household vinegar down the kitchen drain.  Mix it with Baking Soda for a deeper clean.  If you have a garbage disposal, try slicing a lemon in half and pour it and some hot water into the sink while running the disposal.  The lemon will help to clean the blades and will leave a fresh smell behind.  You can use vinegar to deep clean your dishwasher too!  Just pour a gallon in the bottom of the dishwasher and let it sit for a while before you run the cycle.  Just remember that there may be odor problems that you alone can’t fix.  So, if any problem persists, be sure to call a professional.

Paint/Primer –  It’s always a wise idea to wash down the walls in your home with soap and water.  But when the persistent odors, like nicotine streaks or smoke, continue to linger, it may be time for a fresh coat of paint or primer!  Products like “Kilz,” an odor-blocking primer and sealant, can seal in smoke and pet odors as well as block most stains and provide a mildew-resistant finish.  Meanwhile, be sure to inspect your walls and surfaces thoroughly.  Covering up mold with paint is only masking the problem.  Call a professional for a better assessment if you think you’ve uncovered a deeper issue.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t let pesky odors keep you from enjoying your new home! With a little elbow grease, it’s possible for your new house to look like your dream home, and smell like one too!

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