Homeowner Tip – Should You Do That Home Remodeling Project Yourself?

Homeowner Tip

After a lot of discussion and research, you decided to sell your Columbus home.  The market in Ohio is much better these days, and you are thinking about the profit you can make by selling the place now. But then you look around the house and keep seeing potential remodeling projects.

You know that houses sell for higher prices when the right home improvement projects are done. But what exactly adds value? And should you hire a contractor or do it yourself? Read on to learn more about home remodeling projects that can help get your house sold.

Adding Value For Selling The House

Since you’re selling your home, you’re not really looking to improve the comfort or utility of your place. Instead, you want to focus on renovations that improve your house’s price and ability to sell quickly.

HGTV.com recommends that you start by looking into how you can improve your kitchen and bathrooms. Many homeowners can expect to get 100% or more of the money they pour into remodeling these rooms. In other rooms, the key to enjoying it is adding furniture. But in a kitchen or bathroom, it comes with appliances and amenities already included.

However, you have to be smart about it. Housing prices reflect the neighborhood. If your neighbors all have simple or even old kitchens, turning yours into a state-of-the-art culinary marvel can actually backfire because no one looking to buy in that area wants such luxuries. Aim for more subtle improvements and keeping the changes in line with nearby houses.

If this seems overwhelming to you, be sure to utilize your realtor when you’re thinking about remodeling your home and ask for their suggestions. They are experienced and know the area and know where you should put your money.

Projects For Professionals

Now that you have some remodeling projects in mind, it’s time to answer a big question: Should you do these all by yourself, or should you hire a professional? The Huffington Post explains there are renovations best done by contractors. These include home additions, electrical work, plumbing changes, or replacing windows. That’s because contractors have the equipment, training, and insurance to handle these major changes safely.

DIY Projects That You Can Do

However, you don’t have to hire professionals for all remodeling projects to get your home ready for a sale. BobVilla.com lists several easy home improvement jobs that you can do yourself. These include painting the walls, creating a raised garden out back, changing the faucet in your bathroom or kitchen, and replacing old drawer handles.

If you smoke in your house, this needs to be addressed as well. Smoke stains and odors can be an instant turnoff to many buyers. Thankfully, you can do this as well. Cover over stains on walls or ceilings with a fresh coat of paint. For smoke odors, you can use a vinegar solution on fabrics and baking soda on carpets and furniture to make things smell much better.

For stubborn odors, it’s best to have a professional clean furniture and fabrics. HomeAdvisor shows the cost of cleaning upholstery and furniture in Columbus is between $80 – $178, and it should take around three hours depending on your home. Once you figure in costs of cleaning materials, renting equipment, and the time needed to do it, hiring professionals might make sense.

Improve Your Home’s Price

Selling a house can be expensive, so you need all the value you can get. That means doing some remodeling projects that make your home more attractive to prospective buyers. Kitchen and bathroom renovations help a lot, but even simple, DIY tasks like painting or getting rid of smoke odors can help. It might take some time and money now, but think about how happy you’ll be once the house sells.

Thanks to Gene Williams at DIYDad.info for this article!

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