From The Desk Of Ryan Reynolds – February 2018

From the Desk of Ryan Reynolds...

Hopefully, by now the worst of winter’s cold temperatures are behind us and at a minimum, we are getting spells of warmer weather. 

Occasionally, you might even be able to smell spring in the air!  I know that I can’t wait – and neither can many of the spring buyers who are already out scouring the internet and scouting out neighborhoods where they want to focus their search.  The biggest trouble in real estate continues to be the lack of inventory.  I know many folks don’t want to put their home on the market until they find a home to buy and with that thought process you can feel stuck.  Fortunately, my team and I have several strategies that have worked for many of our clients in the past and we can make it work for you.  That way you can get moved without being homeless!   If you or anyone that you know are thinking of buying, selling, or investing in real estate this year, CALL US, we can help! 

Helping YOU is what we’re here to do!


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