Homeowner Tip – Time To Put Your Hoses Away!

Homeowner Tip - Time To Put Your Hoses Away

BRRRRRR!!!  I hate to say it but Baby, it’s cold outside!

It seems like in our part of the country we don’t mess around when it comes to changing the seasons.  It’s as if God has a magic switch and once it is flipped, the weather changes straight from hot to cold or from cold to hot.  Sometimes even both in the same day.  As you can imagine, this can cause a lot of problems.

One of those problems can be to your everyday garden hose.  Most homes are equipped with at least one or two outdoor faucets and most of us probably leave a hose attached to at least one of them all the time.  If your home is newer than about 1970, or if it has been upgraded, they are probably “Freeze Proof” faucets.  That name can be a little misleading because it’s only partially true.

The way that these types of faucets work is that they have a long tube that reaches into the heated part of the house where the valve is located.  The long tube eventually leads outside to where your hose connects.  The design and installation of the faucet is such that once the valve is closed, the water just drains out and so the part of the faucet that gets cold and could potentially freeze just dries out so there is no water to change into ice and cause any damage. 

If, by chance, you happen to leave your garden hose connected, the long tube part can’t drain out.  If it’s full of water, there’s a chance that not only will your hose freeze, but ice will form inside the long tube and potentially crack it.  If that happens, the next time you turn on the faucet, you’re likely to get a waterfall inside your house and that can cause all kinds of other problems.

So, with the weather changing, it’s a good idea to disconnect all your hoses and put them away now.    It’s a simple thing to do and it can prevent you from having major problems. 

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