Homeowner Tip – Check Your Roof

Homeowner Tip: Check Your Roof

Anyone else tired of rain and fast growing grass?  I certainly am!

The numerous rains we’ve had this year have me thinking about water and more specifically, roofs.  One of the common misconceptions that people seem to have is that once you put on a new roof, you’re good for 30 years. 

If you’ve held that thought too, you may want to think again. You see, your roof is not just a single piece of material that lasts 30 years, its actually a system of materials that have some components that last 30 years and some that don’t last that long. 

One of the best examples of components that don’t last 30 years are the plumbing vent stack boots.  The boots are the rubber pieces that surround the pipes that come out of the top of your house that keep the water from coming in around the pipes.  Since they are plastic and exposed to the sun, heat, cold, and all of the elements they wear out and occasionally need replaced.   Roofers that I’ve spoken with say that they only last 7-10 years before they can start to leak.  

Other examples would be the flashing around the chimney, hat vents, caulking, and pretty much anything besides the shingles themselves. 

So, if you want to avoid a costly repair of the inside of your home from water damage and your roof is more than 7 years old, call a licensed roofer and ask for an inspection and tune up.  It’s not free but it’s a whole lot cheaper than a major repair. 

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