From The Desk Of Ryan Reynolds – Dog Days Of Summer

From the Desk of Ryan Reynolds...

Well, the Dog Days of Summer are certainly here (Fun Fact: the phrase “Dog Days of Summer” refers to the time of year that the Dog Star, Sirius, rises at the same time as the sun.  July 3 – August 11) and real estate starts to take a late summer breather before picking up again after Labor Day.  Many people are surprised to hear that last part – that real estate picks up after Labor Day.  It’s true!  In my experience, the time after Labor Day through at least Thanksgiving is a great time to buy and sell real estate.  The weather is still good but not too hot, people start to settle back into a routine with school, and there’s still time to be in a new home by Christmas.  So, if you thought it was too late, think again!  If you are even whispering about making a move in the near future, give us a call, we can help!  Helping YOU is what we’re here to do!


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