Industry News: Interested In A Career Change?

Industry News - Interested In A Career Change?

Have you ever thought about a career in real estate?  Has all the glitz and glamor, expensive cars, and million dollar homes caught your eye?  Maybe becoming a real estate agent is for you!

Well, it’s not EXACTLY like it looks on TV, being in real estate can be a lot of work.  From finding people who want to work with you, to scheduling showings, to writing contracts, to coordinating a ton of details, the work can literally be endless at times.  All the while you have a fiduciary duty to your clients to do what is in their best interest and that is a big responsibility.  Everyone is counting on you and the stakes are high – if you mess up your clients may become homeless.  Oh, and there are no regular pay checks, by the way. 

Still interested?

If you are, then maybe we can help?  The Ryan Reynolds Team is always looking for talented people to join our team.  There are a lot of different jobs in real estate and not all of them require a license and some jobs do have a regular pay check.  Even if joining our team is not the right fit, we can help you get into real estate on your own or with another team.  If you have a desire to help people and work in a fast-paced environment and you think that the satisfaction of helping people move their lives forward sounds interesting, give Ryan a call, he can help! 


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