Homeowner Tip – Mother’s Day Rule Of Thumb – Time To Plant!

Homeowner Tip – Early Spring Garden Guide

Mother’s day is almost here – Don’t forget it is this Sunday!

It is the one day of the year that we take the time specifically to thank Moms everywhere for their selflessness and dedication and to just say “I love you”.  Realistically, we could thank them every day and not do them justice, but you should try. 

Mother’s day is also a rule of thumb day that marks the time in Central Ohio where we can safely plant delicate plants without the fear of a frost killing them. 

It’s time to plant your petunias, impatiens, marigolds and to get your vegetable gardens started.  The local nurseries have a fantastic supply of different plants that will bring your landscape to life.  They’re great to enjoy and generally inexpensive too!  So, get your gloves and shovels and get to it!

That said, this is Ohio, so you may want to keep some old sheets or plastic on hand to cover them for the next couple of weeks if it gets cold again… just in case! 

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