Did You Know? Valentine’s Day Superstitions

Did You Know? Valentine’s Day Superstitions

If you think Valentine’s Day is just a day made up by the card, flower, and candy companies, think again!

It turns out that there are plenty of other signs and superstitions associated with the most romantic day of the year! 

♥ Four-leaf clovers are just lucky all around, but it is said that if you place one on your shoe on Valentine’s Day you could steer your luck to love!

♥ It is said that the first bird you see flying past you on Valentine’s Day will tell you about your future spouse. If you spot a:

Goldfinch – you will marry a millionaire
Sparrow – will not have money, but you’ll have a happy marriage
Crossbill – will have argumentative tendencies
Robin – will be a sailor
Blackbird – you will marry a clergyman
Dove – Long happy marriage
Owls – you will remain single for life!

♥ A little risky, but it is said that the first single person you see on Valentine’s Day, is the one you’ll marry!

♥ In Great Britain, it is said, if you write down the names of your potential soul mates on strips of paper, cover them in balls of clay, drop them into water, and then wait to see which name floats to the surface first, that will be the one you’re destined to marry!

♥ On Valentine’s Day, buy an apple, cut the apple in half, and count the seeds.  The number indicates how many children you will have.

♥Pick the right emotionally charged color for your Valentine.  Red (love & passion), Pink (grace & elegance), Orange (desire & enthusiasm), Yellow (true friend), Purple (enchantment), and White (purity).

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