Industry News – The Dreaded Home Inspection

Industry News - The Dreaded Home Inspection

The one aspect of buying or selling a house that nearly every participant in the home buying or selling process fears the most is the home inspection and the subsequent negotiation of repairs.

It is so dramatic that there are even reality shows on TV that focus on this part of the transaction.   In our market here in the greater Columbus area, we refer to the repairs as “Remedies” since they may involve giving an allowance or other concession besides actually repairing the issue and the opening of the negotiation as the Buyer’s Request to Remedy.

It’s easy to see why this is such a loathed part of the transaction.  For the buyer and seller, the stakes are high and they may have their hopes and dreams smashed to bits by a bad inspection and end up spending a lot of money on either side to move forward or it may fall apart all together.

Here are 3 easy tips to make the home inspection and remedy process as painless as possible:

  1. Start early:  As soon as an agreement is reached and a contract entered, the buyer should order the home inspection for the earliest available time.  This will allow plenty of time for the logistics of scheduling the initial home inspection and any subsequent specialty inspections (Furnace, Roof, Termite, etc.).  Having extra time is a good thing and starting early may allow for that.
  2. Be Prepared:  The seller should be prepared for the home inspection and make it easy for the home inspector and buyer to access critical areas of the house like attics and crawl spaces by removing items from closets and providing the necessary tools and knowledge to reach and open attic doors and crawl space hatches.  The seller should also clear areas around the electrical panel, furnace, and water heater and remove items from under sinks so that they can be easily inspected for leaks.  Even little things like having the furnace serviced and changing burnt out light bulbs can help smooth the process.
  3. Be Realistic:  This applies to all parties involved.  If you are buying a 1950’s house, don’t expect it to be constructed to the same standards as today’s houses are built.  If you are a seller, expect that the home inspector will find things that are in need of repair and when you are initially negotiating the purchase price, factor in some money so that you can pay to repair them. If each side is realistic and is willing to compromise, the stress level can be dramatically lower for everyone involved.

In all cases, remember that the reason that the buyer and seller are at this point in the transaction is because they want it to succeed.   Buyers shouldn’t expect a perfect house and sellers shouldn’t take a request for a legitimate repair as a personal insult.

All of the agents on the Ryan Reynolds Team are trained to help minimize the stress involved in the inspection and remedy process so that our clients can have the best experience possible and you can achieve your goal of moving.  If you or anyone you know is even whispering about moving, CALL US, we can help!  Helping YOU is What We’re Here to Do!

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