Homeowner Tip – Fall Leaf Clean-Up

Homeowner Tip – Fall Leaf Clean-Up

You know autumn is here when the evenings grow cooler and the leaves began to change.

Then they begin to fall.  Getting behind on your fall leaf clean-up can be very risky and cause a lot of stress.  Here are a few tips to get through the fall season with a bit more ease!

Rake:  It may be everyone’s least favorite way to tackle leaf clean-up, but it does give you a great workout!  This method is better for smaller yards.  Rake leaves onto a tarp and drag them to their destination.

Mow:  If your lawn mower has a bag attachment, embrace it!  Once the bag is full, dispose into a brown paper bag for municipal curb pickup, or use as mulch/compost.

Blower:  If your yard is larger, or raking just isn’t an option for you, use a leaf blower.  Blow onto a tarp and then drag the leaves to their destination.

Hire someone:  We recommend Outdoor Makeovers!  Call them at (614)777-8757 or visit their website Outdoor Makeovers.

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