Did You Know? Tips To Power Through That Afternoon Slump

Did You Know? Tips to Power Through That Afternoon Slump

Ever wish you could have the same amount of energy in the afternoon as you have in the morning?

You can!  We have found a few tips to help power you through that afternoon slump!

Get up!
Stand up from your desk, take a walk down the hall, go outside and get a breath of fresh air.  A 10-minute walk can make you feel energized for two hours!

Call a loved one!
Reach out to someone you care about.  Taking a 5-minute break to call a loved one can help give you the energy you need to finish out the day.

Complete an easy task!
Give your mind a break.  Save your small easy tasks for the afternoon.  File paperwork, organize, clean, etc.

Eat a healthy lunch!
Lay off overloading carbs.  Choose veggies and proteins to fuel you for the last half of your day.

Let’s be real, stretching at any time of the day feels great!

Grab some coffee, or tea!  Green tea is recommended, as it has less caffeine than a cup of coffee so you will still be able to sleep like a baby.

Have a snack!
Indulge in a piece of fruit, a square of dark chocolate, almonds, etc.  Even chewing a piece of minty gum can help stimulate your brain!

Stay hydrated throughout the day, even splash some water on your face.

Go ahead, take 3 minutes to watch those hilarious cat videos on YouTube!

Listen to some tunes!
To help yourself switch gears, turn on some upbeat music!  Music can boost your mood and give you the opportunity to take a mini escape.

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