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It’s clear by now that since you are reading this, you are a wise person.

Not only are you interested in getting the most bang for your buck, but you also want to know what else you can do, right?

Well, just in case you didn’t know it, in our neck of the woods (the East North Central Region as it’s formally called), the very best investment you can make in your house in terms of what you get for what you have to pay is to add insulation to the attic.  It’s not very sexy, but hey, we’re in Ohio and it gets cold…oh and it gets pretty hot too!  Adding insulation to your attic is not only an immediate savings that starts with your very next utility bill, if you’ve ever been in a house while it’s being insulated,  you know that it also immediately reduces the noise in your home.  In turn, that likely will reduce your stress level, cause you to be happier, and it might even make your kids smarter!  Actually, I made up that last part, but it might!

Now, on to the real reason you’re reading…the 2nd and 3rd best things to do.  Once you read it, it will be obvious.  The 2nd and 3rd best things are some of the first things you see when you pull up to a house and are things that you use every day.  What are they?  Why the suspense?  This is a real estate article and not a spy novel, right?  So, without further adieu…they are (drum roll)…your steel entry door and your garage door!  Hurray!

Yes, these are the hard working, tough, bound to get dirty elements of your house that you probably don’t think about much until they break.  The fact is that the entry door and your garage door are some of the first things that potential buyers see when they visit your home.  If they are dinged, dirty, or broken, the thought going through most buyer’s heads is, “What else is broken?!”   However, if these things are brand new, freshly painted, and welcoming, then most buyers are thinking, “Wow, this house is really well taken care of,” and that thought translates into more money for you.  In fact, replacing these doors returns more than 80%1 of the cost directly, and probably more if you consider the weight that the impression makes on a buyer.

So, if you’ve been living with a garage door that doesn’t quite work right or an entry door that looks bad, take comfort in the fact that replacing them is a wise choice, and one that you are likely to recoup most of if you decide to sell.

If you are even thinking about buying or selling a house in the next year, call me, I can help!

Helping YOU is what we’re here to do!

1Source:  2016 Cost vs. Value Report from

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