Homeowner Tip: Preparing Your Home For Fall

Homeowner Tip – Preparing Your Home For Fall

Slowly the temperatures will fall and before you know it you will walk outside and smell the crisp autumn air and find yourself standing in a pile of leaves.

Trying to stay ahead of yardwork and home maintenance can be a hassle, but starting early and preparing yourself for fall will always be in your favor. Here are a few tips to get you ahead of the game!

Clean the gutters:  After spring and summer storms, you are bound to find plenty of debris in your gutters.  Clean them now to save time when they start to overflow with leaves.

Check out the roof:  It never hurts to get your roof inspected in between seasons.  Make sure your shingles, flashing, and vents are up to par.

Furnace/AC:  Inspect your furnace and change the filter.  Stock up on extra filters depending on their life span.  Cover your outdoor AC unit or remove any window units.

Seal Cracks:  Caulk cracks and openings around your door frames and windows to keep the warm air inside.

Fireplace:  Have a professional inspect and clean your fireplace.

Landscape:  Check trees for damaged limbs.  Plant bulbs for spring, bring in flower pots, and trim bushes and shrubs.   Also, turn off and drain your outdoor faucets and irrigation systems.

Organize:  Put away the summer furniture and bring out the fall items!  Make sure to keep you shed/garage tidy.

Leaf removal:  The biggest hassle of the year is getting your leaves raked, bagged, and picked up!  Check community pick-up times so you can plan accordingly!

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