How To Keep Stainless Steel Appliances Sparkling


How To Keep Stainless Steel Appliances Sparkling – Stainless steel appliances look beautiful and can instantly update any home. However, they are not only a pain to clean, but they’re a pain to keep clean. Thankfully, there are a number of products on the market that will help you maintain the fresh look of your wonderful appliances. Here are six ways to keep your stainless steel appliances sparkling.



Create Your Own

To make your own cleaner for your stainless steel appliances, combine 1 teaspoon of dish detergent with one quart of hot water. Scrub with a microfiber cloth and wipe clean with warm water.

Use Baby Oil

Apply a few drops of baby oil on a paper towel and wipe the stainless steel completely. Use as little as possible to get the best shine.

Use Club Soda/Rubbing Alcohol/Vinegar

All 3 of these are great for removing fingerprints and smudges. Vinegar, rubbing alcohol and club soda won’t leave a residue that typically causes spotting or streaks.



Use Steel Wool

Steel wool and steel brushes end up scratching the surface of stainless steel, making it harder to keep clean it in the long run.

Use Bleach

Using bleach or products that contain bleach on your stainless steel can scratch or ruin the surface of your stainless steel appliance.

Use Store-Bought Cleaning Solutions

When it comes to stainless steel products, it’s best to make your own. Most, not all, store-bought cleaning solutions will leave a residue that can stain and damage the surface of your appliance.


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