7 Amazing Window Treatments for Bedrooms

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7 Amazing Window Treatments for Bedrooms

If you’re trying to redecorate or even update the look of your bedrooms, revamping or adding window treatments is a great thing to do. Whether the change is big, small, expensive, or inexpensive, it will do wonders in changing the look of the room. Here are seven amazing window treatments for bedrooms.


Window shutters are a beautiful and classic additions to any room. They are especially attractive if you’re going for a traditional look in your home. Not only do they provide privacy, but they block out the light on those weekend mornings when you want to sleep in.


Depending on what kind of look you’re going for in your bedroom, consider adding some variety to your curtains. Avoid a matchy-matchy cliche with a wall of windows and use curtains with similar accent colors to mix it up.

Window Seats

Your typical window seat doesn’t need window treatments; however, if it’s in your bedroom you might want a little more privacy than normal. Bring the drapery out from the wall and cover the entire window seat. When the curtains are open, it looks beautiful – as a window seat should – without being distracting.

Metallic Finish

Add an extra pop to plain old drapes with wooden rods in metallic finishes. This will offer a nice contrast between the walls and drapes. If you’re feeling bold you can also choose elaborate drapes to make even more of a statement in your bedroom.

Oversized Hardware

If your bedroom is on the larger side with high ceilings, consider purchasing oversized hardware to hang your curtains from. These also work very well in a small space with fewer windows, they will help draw the eye to the beautiful fixtures in the space.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Layering sheer curtains and elaborate drapes are a great addition to any bedroom. This offers a unique option for privacy and light. If you want the natural light to shine in, but still want the privacy, just use the sheer curtains. If you prefer the dark, keep them all closed.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are a great look for bay-style windows. Flat Roman shades not only frame the window but they also allow for some creativity and uniqueness when it comes to contrasting colors in your bedroom.

When it comes to your bedroom, there are so many different window treatments for you to choose from. For more information and creative ideas on window treatments for bedrooms, visit here.

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