How To Avoid Rental Scams


Unfortunately, rental scams are not uncommon in most areas. If you are searching for a rental home or if you have spoke to a real estate professional, you may have heard about rental scams. When looking for a rental home, it’s important to be aware and knowledgeable about potential rental scams out there. Here are a few tips for you…

Tips For Spotting A Rental Scam:

  • “Owner” is traveling or is outside of the U.S. and will send you the keys

  • “Owner” will not interact with you in person

  • Advertisements or communication contains multiple misspellings and grammar errors

  • Payment is first priority before you see the property or sign a lease – Cashier’s check, Western Union, etc.

  • Price seems super low for the home and area

Tips For Avoiding A Rental Scam:

  • Do a Google Search on the home. Chances are the home was or is listing by a real estate professional or a company where the home is for sale or is truly up for rent. It may still be available or it may already be sold.

  • Hire a real estate professional to help you find a rental property.

  • Use your judgement and use caution. If you think it’s a scam, it probably is.

  • A legitimate landlord will want to gather some information about you, your family, the time frame of renting, etc. A scammer will typically focus on money and not the other important factors.

Rental scams are out there and it’s important to know the signs to spot them and how to avoid them. When in doubt, use your judgement or hire a real estate professional to help you find the perfect rental home. Although the items labeled in this article won’t necessarily stop a scam from happening, we hope that you will be more educated when one comes across your path.

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