4 Ways to Hide Speakers Throughout Your Home


4 Ways to Hide Speakers Throughout Your Home-Instead of using one large speaker, you can use small ones throughout your house to achieve the same experience! Walking into a room and not even knowing where the noise is coming from might even increase that experience for the better. It might seem tricky if the space is small, however, there are a few fast and easy ways to hide these smaller speakers. If you do not have the money to buy new speakers, you can always use the things around your house or even transform them into something that could work better!

  • Hang them on the wall to look like a light
    1. Triad Speakers:
      1. Look like wall sconces but are actually speakers
      2. Ear level and perfect for surround sound
  • Find more information here
  • Hide them in the ceiling fan
    1. Soundolier Speakers:
      1. Nobody will guess the sound is coming from the ceiling fan
      2. With the fan in the middle of the room everyone will hear it
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  • Practically invisible speakers
    1. TruAdio’s Ghost Speaker:
      1. As small as 4.5 inches
      2. Hides the frame of the speaker and makes it look smooth
  • Find more information here
  • Use your own furniture
    1. Cabinets with transparent faces make great spaces for hiding speakers
    2. Use furniture to hide wires behind
    3. Blend speakers in with things like picture frames


Nobody has to know where the sound is coming from, as long as it is there! If you do not have the money to afford new hidden speakers, just use the furniture around your house to disguise your old ones.


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