4 Places To Go For The Best Back To School Deals

4 Places To Go For The Best Back To School Deals - Ryan Reynolds1

4 Places To Go For The Best Back To School Deals – It’s that time of year again! Summer has flown by and more and more kids are heading back to school everyday, which means it’s time for school supply shopping! Getting all your kids back to school supplies can be expensive, but luckily we’ve done the research for you. Check out our list of places to get the best deals below:

1. Staples – While retail prices at office supply stores tend to be slightly higher, Staples does offer some competitive deals on supplies your kids will need. Staples also offers a 110% price match, meaning they will match a competitor’s price on a branded item and refund a 10% difference.

Best deals: 2 pocket folders – $.15, Crayola colored pencils – $.97, Crayola markers – $97, TI84 Calculator – $109.99 with $20 rebate, $89.99, Backpacks and lunch bags – 25 percent off.

2. Walmart – Big-box stores like Walmart offer some great back to school deals! Walmart also has a price match policy and makes it easy for shoppers to use the policy after purchasing items by using their receipt information on Walmart’s website.

Best deals: 1 subject notebooks – $.25, Elmers Glue (4 oz.) – $0.50, Composition Notebooks – $0.50, Post It Notes (Single Pad) – $1, Bic Stick Pens (10 count) – $0.97

3. Target – Like Walmart, Target has a wide range of name brand and Target brand options that are cost effective. They too, offer a price matching policy.

Best deals: Avery Binders – $3.50, Up & Up Kids Scissors – $1.99, Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Crayons – $1.99, Apple iPad Mini – $199

4. Office Max – While Office Max doesn’t offer as extensive of a supply of brands compared to Target and Walmart, it does have competitive deals on many popular back to school items your kids will need!

Best deals: Construction Paper – $3, Hand Sanitizer (1.8 oz.) – $0.50, 1″ Fleixble Plastic Binder – $0.50, Backpacks – 25 percent off.

For more information about back to school savings, visit here. Make sure to keep these savings in mind when shopping for school supplies this year! Where do you go for back to school shopping? What place has the best deals for you? Comment to share with us!

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