8 Tips To Reduce Your Electric Bills This Summer!

eight tips to reduce your electric bills this summer- ryan

8 Tips To Reduce Your Electric Bills This Summer

  1. Furnace and AC Maintenance- Cleaning your filters and getting your furnace inspected regularly can help the efficiency of your home. Don’t just focus on the furnace, pay attention to the AC as well!
  2. Seal It Up- Make sure you look around the home to make sure there are no leaks in your windows, doorways, or any areas that might leak warm air into your home. This can help the efficiency of your AC as well.
  3. Use Power Strips- Try using power strips for your electronic devices. When your TV or electronics are not in use, turn the power strip off. Even if your TV is not turned on, plugging it into the wall still consumes electricity. A power strip cuts off the electricity when you are not using it.
  4. Use Your Oven Less- When you use your oven to bake or cook a meal, your AC will kick into overdrive. Instead, consider grilling or using your oven only when needed. Another tip is to use the oven once it is preheated and don’t let it sit there running with nothing it in.
  5. Use Fans- Instead of pumping the AC all day and night, consider using an overhead fan to help cool down your home. Also, shutting the vents in unused rooms can help as well.
  6. Program Your Thermostat- If you are gone during the day, why should your AC be running full force? Program your AC to a cooler temperature when needed. This will help automate and regulate the use of your AC.
  7. Keep Your Dryer Exhausts Clean- To help the energy use and airflow of your dryer vent working properly, keep your dryer exhaust vents clean. This will prevent your dryer from working harder to push out warm, wet air.
  8. Wash Laundry and Dishes at Night- Have you tried this? Running your appliances at night during non peak hours for energy use can help your home run more efficiently. According to MyEnergy.com, “This means that your local power generation facilities can run at a more efficient capacity, thus minimizing their environmental impact. Depending on where you live and the type of electric meter your home is outfitted with, you may pay less for off-peak energy, making this a very easy way to save on your energy bills!

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