Decorating Trends For Using The Color Of The Year

Decorating Trends For Using The Color Of The Year - Ryan Reynolds1

Decorating Trends For Using The Color Of The Year – Radiant orchid is the color of the year and many people are incorporating it into their homes for a trendy pop of color. Adding a new color to any room can make it go from dull and dark, to colorful and bright; it can even give it an entirely different feel. Use inexpensive tactics to make each room in your home stand out. Here are five decorating trends you can do in your own home using the color of the year.


Painting may take some extra time, but it is an inexpensive way to add a pop of color and new look to any room. Add one accent wall of radiant orchid to any room in your home and you will be right on trend, without going overboard.

Use Fun Accents

Use fun pieces, like throw pillows, to add the color of the year to any existing color scheme you already have in your home. This is the easiest way to incorporate the newest color trend, without being too committed or breaking the bank.

Mix Patterns and Colors

You don’t need to stick to solids, stripes or patterns in each individual room. Mix and match the patterns to create a unique and color vibe in your space. If you find a great piece with a fun pattern of different colors, pull out one color and work from there.

Accessorize Your Space

Add accessories to your space that balance out the radiant orchid. Photo frames, vases, bookends and other objects in darker colors will offer a beautiful contrast, which will inevitably make the color of the year pop.

Hang New Drapes

Window treatments can either be an eyesore or beautiful focal point on the inside of your home. Hang new drapes to add a punch of color next to neutral walls. Simple drapes in radiant orchid will not only keep you on trend, but it will make your home appear even more luxurious.

Staying on trend with the color of the year doesn’t have to be an expensive and permanent commitment; it can be as simple as you want it to be. To learn and gain more inspiration on design trends so you can use the color of the year in your home, visit here. What do you think of the color radiant orchid? Have you incorporated it into your décor? Comment to share with us!

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