The Right Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent Before Selling

The Right Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent Before Selling - Ryan Reynolds1

The Right Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent Before Selling – Now that you’ve decided that the time to sell your house has come, it’s time to find a real estate agent.  While this seems straightforward, picking the right agent can make or break the selling of your home.  You need to figure out what different agents can offer.  Before you sell your home, here are some important questions to ask agents to find the one who will work best for you.

Are you licensed? Any specific designation? This may seem straightforward, but it is an important question to ask.  Unlicensed realtors’ transactions are invalid.  Additionally, you’ll need to make sure your agent’s license is in good standing.  Lastly, there are special designations agents can attain, like a GRI or CRS, meaning that they took more classes in the field.

Are you full-time or part-time? This is a great way to learn how much experience your agent has.  Of course, experience and skill are not necessarily correlative, but typically having a more experienced agent will pay off.  Also, asking this question will give you a good sense of how much attention your potential agents will actually put toward the selling of your home.

What price range do you typically sell homes in?  How much is mine worth? Both of these questions are important to ask because you’ll want to know asking prices versus actual selling prices.  You should ask your potential agent how close to estimated worth do they sell homes for. These two questions will give you a sense of you agent’s consistency with prices and can help you pick who will get you the most for your money and time.

Have you sold houses in my neighborhood before? An agent who knows the area is essential.  He or she will be able to speak knowledgeably about schools, parks, dining, activities, and safety with potential buyers.  The more houses an agent has sold in an area, the better they know it.  The better an agent knows an area, the better they can market your home.

How often will I hear from you? This is crucial.  Without constant communication, you could be left in the dark wondering what’s happening with your home.  Don’t let that happen.  Ask your agent this question, and if their answer doesn’t suit you, you should propose a different communication timetable.

How do you plan to market my home? Selling a house is more than sticking a “For Sale” sign in the yard and hosting open houses.  You need to find an agent who can be aggressive and adaptable in the sale of your home.  Understanding an agent’s marketing approach will tell you a lot their business philosophy and effectiveness. Before putting your house up for sale, you need to find a good agent who will help you get the most for your money.  By asking these simple questions, you’ll get a good sense of who can best get you what you want. For more information on questions to ask realtors, visit here. Have you asked any of these questions when finding a real estate agent? Comment to share with us.

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