Getting Your Home Ready For Summer

Summer SM

Summer is finally here! Before you head right outside, here is a checklist for getting your home ready for summer!

Check your air conditioner. Make sure your AC unit is running properly before the temperatures sky rocket!

Clean/Check your refrigerator coils. Now is a great time to inspect your refrigerator coils and clean them. While you are at it you may want to clean out your entire fridge to make room for fresh summer foods!

Clean you window/window sills. Wash your windows inside and out! Including the window sills. Bugs, dust, and dirt accumulate over the winter months and you do not want those blowing into your home!

Install reflective film, sunscreen-fabric curtains, or roller shades. Installing these energy efficient pieces can help save money by making the AC really effective. They help to keep the summer sun from heating your home.

Open windows! Now that you’ve cleaned those windows, open them! Let the fresh summer air into your home.

Add fresh plants. To help filter the air in your home add some house plants to your windows.

Pack away winter coats and clothing. We have all been waiting for quite some time to pack away the winter gear. Don’t let it prevent your from having space for all of your great summer pieces. Organize closets and store your winter items. This is also a great time to donate what you didn’t wear all winter!

Clean out and organize garage. No one wants to waste a precious day in the sun looking for their pool toys and lawn chairs! Spend a day to clean and organize so you know exactly where your summer fun items are!

Inspect outdoor equipment. Winter can take a toll on outdoor equipment, especially your child’s toys. Make sure these items are cleaned and inspected for safety.

Landscape. It is officially the season for yard work. It is a great time to spray for weeds and spruce up your lawn. Take your lawn mowers and other equipment for a test run as well, you don’t want to discover something has gone wrong when your grass is in desperate need of cutting!

Plant a garden. Summer makes for the perfect time to grow some fresh veggies and fruits. Take advantage of a garden that can save you money as well as providing your family with healthy foods like tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, and zucchinis.

Clean your grill. Get your grill and utensils ready for nightly barbecues! Scrub them clean and stock up on charcoal.

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