4 Tips For New Empty Nester’s



4 Tips For New Empty Nester’s – It seems just as soon as you help your child pick up their first set of school supplies, you’re helping them pick out dorm room supplies. With a blink of an eye they ca n grow up and move out leaving you asking yourself, “Where did the time go?” Here are a few tips for downsizing your home after your children move out…

Make piles  – Yes, make piles in your home for things you will keep, donate  and toss. This will help you declutter and organize what’s left in your home. Get your kids involved to go through their items before they move out too. This way whatever is left in your home are things they want to keep.

Ask for help – Your house is filled with objects and mementos that will remind you of trips, birthdays, and emotions attached to your kids.  Before setting out to decide what to keep and what to can, ask a friend to be an unbiased, objective voice in the slimming down of your house.

Make a decision – Once you organize your items into piles, where will you take them? Where will you donate them? There are plenty of drop boxes around Columbus and also charity’s that will actually come by your home to pick them up. Make sure you do your research and make a decision.

Keep Space in Mind – If pieces of furniture or home decor aren’t going to fit in your new home, donate them.  Don’t let yourself say, “Oh, we’ll make room.”  If you find yourself saying that about anything, the item is not actually that important to hold on to.  Try to stay focused on furniture that matches and the few pieces of furniture or decorations that can really tie rooms together.

What do you feel the hardest thing is about being an empty nester? Did you downsize or just declutter?

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