10 Ways To Spruce Up Your Home

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10 Ways To Spruce Up Your Home – Sprucing up your home can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it. Whether you want to spruce up your home for the summer season or you just want to change things around a bit, here are 10 helpful tips for you!


1. Let’s start with the entrance to your home: the front door. Throw a fresh coat of paint or a new knocker. While you’re at it, make sure the door bell works properly!


2. Whether you live close to the water or not, a beach atmosphere creates a calming ambiance. Purchase some synthetic brightly colored coral, and use them as a centerpiece or mount the pieces on a stand.


3. Recycle your fabrics. Switch out the drab winter colors around the house for bright lively fun spring/summer colors! Maybe even add in some pretty floral patterns!


4. Keep some fresh flowers around the house to lighten up the air and make the area smell good! If fresh flowers aren’t quite your thing, try out some pretty paper flowers to use as decoration.


5. Sometimes we don’t realize how the smallest change can make a difference. Let’s start with switch out your handles, pulls, or knobs on your cabinets and drawers! You’ll be amazed at the instant face-lift it can give your décor.


6. Give your furniture some TLC! Whether it’s wooden or leather, pay some attention to it and condition it to get rid of scuffs or remnants from the dry winter season.


7. Get rid of it or switch it around. I’m talking about your furniture. In the winter we may not realize how crowded our living spaces can get, reduce the amount of furniture or switch it around to give it a whole new look!


8. Refresh a room with just a touch of paint. You would be amazed at how much you can change the look of a room by adding a different color into the mix!


9. Don’t feel like painting at all? Add wallpaper one wall of the room to make it pop! Make it an interesting design.


10. Let the light in! Strategically place a mirror in the room that will bring light in when it reflects off of the place mirror. Open the shutters and let the sunshine in!


What is your favorite way to spruce up your home this spring? Let us know in the comments below!

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