5 Apps to Make You Feel Safer in Your Home


5 Apps to Make You Feel Safer in Your Home – Smartphone apps have become increasingly popular and have allowed your life to be more entertaining, more informed, more social, and more organized. There truly is an app for everything, including safety and security. You can install a home security system and invest in top-quality locks, bolts, etc., but today’s technology allows you to have control of your home’s and your own safety from the convenience of your smartphone. We’ve rounded up 5 apps that help you feel safer in your home below. Read through them and see if they’ll aid in your security and peace of mind.

Here are 5 apps to make you feel safer in your home:

  • Guardly – This app allows users to instantly connect with friends and families in emergencies by dialing for help or sending out an alert, which enables real-time location tracking. Users can also take and send pictures to contacts or authorities in non-emergency situations, view a map that shows where contacts are in relation to you, and set off a defensive siren to call for help and ward off potential attackers.
  • Circle of Six – Should you ever need assistance, this app allows you to connect the phone numbers of up to six trusted people in the area so you can send a mass text for help. Other features in the app include sending your GPS location, sending a message that says asks contacts to call and check in on the sender, and calling 911 within the app.
  • MyForce – If you’re in an emergency, this app activates a discreet alarm which begins recording your call and tracing your location upon activation. The operator will connect you with 911 in case of emergency and notify your emergency contacts.
  • Alarm.com – Want to keep tabs on your home while you’re out of town or simply running errands? This app works with your home security system and sends you real-time alerts if there is any movement in your house or if there’s a breach. You can also manage your energy use, stream video from your security cameras, and adjust your system with the app.
  • Pocket First Aid & CPR  – Your family’s safety is your main priority, so it’s critical to be prepared should an emergency arise. This app includes detailed instructions on what to do when dealing with burns, choking, CPR, seizures, and other emergency situations. A checklist is available to make sure you have what you need in case of an emergency, and the contacts screen allows you to dial your doctor and other services.

With these apps, you’ll be safe and sound in your home and keep your mind at ease.

Do you use any apps to increase your home security? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!



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