Homeowners Insurance Changes and the Value of a Great Insurance Agent – having one could save you thousands!

Insurance Agent


I recently received an email from my insurance agent letting me know that the carrier of my homeowners insurance policy was making a change to the policyand it was tucked into the fine print of the last few pages of the renewal.   Specifically, the deductible for losses would stay the same except in the case of wind or hail damage where the deductible would now change from $500 to $2000.  That’s a 400% increase in my risk!  This is in response to all of the claims of recent years – none of which I have made, by the way.  More over, I’m guessing that my premium is not going down in exchange for this transfer of risk to me, so I may need to have my agent look for a new company.  If my agent had not emailed to let me know, I’m sure I would have missed it.  Be sure to read your renewal when you get it, and be sure that you have an actual insurance agent, and not just a customer service number to call…it could save you thousands!

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