5 Things to do With the Family During the Holidays


Many people find themselves stretched during the holidays – unable to find enough time to do all the shopping, wrapping, cooking, and planning necessary. However, the holidays should also be a time when families come closer together, so make sure to carve out some time during the hectic holidays to spend with your loved ones. Incorporating them into things that have to be done anyway – like shopping and baking cookies – can be a great way to keep the family close this year. The Huffington Post also suggests these 5 activities to strengthen the emotional bond of your family this holiday season:

1.      Pick out a tree together, or at least spend some time decorating it together. Most cities have tree farms within a reasonable distance, and taking one day to go, as a family, pick out a tree that you all love, and spend some time together afterward will be sure to enhance the Christmas spirit in your home. If you have an artificial tree or aren’t able to go to a tree farm, at least try to find a couple of hours one evening that everyone is available to help decorate the tree. Coordinating lights and ornaments can be a fun way of keeping the family involved in holiday preparations.

2.      Explore the opportunities in your city. Especially if you live near a big city, there should be plenty of opportunities to get into the holiday spirit. For example, many local zoos put on holiday shows and light displays in the spirit of the holidays. Additionally, many local theaters put on holiday-themed shows during the winter months.

3.      Weather permitting, take a day to build snowmen and igloos in the yard. With older kids, head to a local sledding hill or the slopes – then cool off with some nice hot chocolate! Collaborating on building a snowman or an igloo is the perfect way to bring the family together in the spirit of the holidays.

4.      Read together! The Huffington Post wants to emphasize the importance of literacy skills for children of all ages, and while they are out of school for winter break, the holiday are the perfect time to read fun holiday-themed books that will not only get kids into the holiday spirit, but also enhance their literacy skills!

5.      Create some holiday greeting cards together! Creating holiday greeting cards is a great way to allow younger children to practice their handwriting, spelling, and grammar and it promotes keeping in touch with relatives and friends. If you’re planning to send holiday cards to family members or friends this year, including the entire family in filling out cards is a great way to ensure that you get all of your holiday tasks taken care of and get to spend time with the ones you love.
We all know how stressful the holidays can be – with shop-till-you-drop marathons, cooking and baking, and all the planning that goes into it. Including family members into your holiday preparations, including shopping, cooking, gift wrapping, decorating, and sending out greeting cards, can lighten the load a little and ensures that family isn’t getting left out of the joy of the holidays.


For more great ways to incorporate family fun into your holiday season, check out this article from the Huffington Post.


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